Page 5: Did You Notice?
1. RGIII did not appear to have dreadlocks hanging from his helmet. This begs the question: Are dreadlocks in Madden NFL 25? RGIII did appear to cut his hair recently, but it still appears long enough to flow outside of his helmet.
2. The Redskin Cheerleaders can be seen on the sidelines. This begs the question: Are cheerleaders in Madden NFL 25, and if so, for what teams if not all?


3. The Player Model Detail.

Crazy good!

4. The Crowds Looked Great!

I would love to see crowds doing The Wave, Steeler’s Terrible Towels waving, and the Ravens’ crowd when they play Seven Nation Army (!

Final Verdict
Until told otherwise, I am going to assume that EVERYTHING in the IGNITE Trailer will be “In the Game”. I’m going to take a leap of faith. If not, I will feel betrayed once again. Fool me once, shame on me! I am hoping this is not Madden 2006 all over again. I really want to believe. Don’t you?

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