Page 4: Field Grass
This could be the best grass in Madden ever, but maybe not…

Field Grass: Madden NFL 25 IGNITE Trailer

Field Grass: Madden NFL 2006 Next Gen Trailer

Compare the two. What do you think?

The great thing about the grass in this most recent trailer is that you can actually see the white paint along the tips of the blades of grass — very realistic. However, I can tell you with all certainty because I’ve been to 10 Redskins home games–there is **no** grass to be found on Fedex Field — only green painted dirt LOL! One could argue that the grass in the Madden 06 Trailer looks even more realistic – it’s worn, uneven, more natural. So yes, this does beg several questions: Is this the level of detail we’ll see in the fields in Madden NFL 25? Also, will every field look this perfect?. Will we be able to visually see the difference between a grass field and astro turf? Better yet, will we have this “grass view” camera angle available in the game?

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