Page 3: Putting the IGNITE Engine Under the Microscope
So, let’s say we forget the past and buy into the IGNITE Trailer. Let’s assume, this time at least, that the trailer video is a very good representation of what we’ll see in the game. If this is the case, then what can we expect from Madden NFL 25 Next Gen on the Xbox One? Looking at the trailer in detail, I’ve noticed the following:

Talking Player Models
If you watch closely, you’ll see the player models for both Robert Griffin III and Kyrie Irving talking. RGIII calls out the play and if you listen closely, you can hear Kyrie say “Let’s go now!”.


This begs the question: Does every player talk?

Player Facial Expressions


You can clearly see the facial expressions on the player models in the trailer. A good example would Kryie Irvin’s expression. I also look how the RGIII model appears to be flustered or anxious as he looks frantically for a receiver to throw too.


This begs the question: Do all players show emotion during the game?

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