Page 2: The Problem with CGI Animations
The potential problem with using a CGI animation to “approximate” what the “real” next generation of EA SPORTS video games looks like obviously caused some angst in the gaming community. Why you say? You only have to think back to Madden ’06 for the answer.

Behold the Madden NFL 06 Xbox 360 Next Generation Trailer

For those who actually played Madden 2006 for the Xbox 360, the CGI animated trailer was in no way remotely similar to the game, which turned out to be the absolute worse Madden version of all time (in my opinion). In fact, features shown in the Madden 06 Next Generation Trailer have never been seen in any Madden since, including the play call screen, stadium spot lights, instant injury overlay, and Star Trek-like touchdown force field indicator.

Play Call Screen: Madden 2006 Trailer

Player Injury Screen: Madden 2006 Trailer

Goal Line Plane Force Field Indicator: Madden 2006 Trailer. Let me state for the record that I could live without a virtual goal line plane indicator — some things are better left in the past. LOL. Note: The goal line plane is actually at the front of the endzone line, not the back of it, as shown, but I digress.

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