Page 1: First Impressions
My first thoughts after watching the EA SPORTS IGNITE Engine Trailer was…”Is this real life?” LOL. In other words, I had a sneaky suspicion that the footage was not recorded “live” in-game, but a CGI rendering, which proved to be true. ¬†For the non-techites in the audience, this means the video appeared to me to be a movie of sorts – similar to a Toy Story-like Pixar animation.

Soon after the video was aired during the Microsoft Xbox One Reveal Event (May 21, 2013), an EA SPORTS representative posted an acknowledgement that the IGNITE trailer was not recorded in-game:

[callout1]The trailer was developed in a pre-rendered video format given the timing and planning required for this event. We will be showing off in-game assets at E3.[/callout1]

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