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Off-Season Recruiting
The number of stages of off-season recruiting have been streamlined from 7 to 2. If you want to get technical, actually one where you actually do something (the second step you see the final results).  Instead of stringing out off-season recruiting, now, you’ll have one day to make your final bids. During the new Bidding Day, you will be able to allocate your existing recruiting points to any prospect or group of prospects on your recruiting board.

Recruit Visits
In efforts to make recruiting as authentic as possible, members of the development team met with a number of recruiting coordinators at several schools. The intel they received helped improve the mode.

Competitive Recruiting: Now, the compositions of the players you bring in for a visit during a given week have a factor.  For example, bring in five wide receivers on the same visit and your risk losing interest.  Imagine five diva wideouts looking at each other thinking “I might find myself sitting on the bench if this team is recruiting all these WR, I better find a different team where I can get some playing time!”

Complimentary Recruiting: Bring a quarterback, running back, and left tackle (complimentary players), for example, and you’ll receive bonus points as the recruits can visualize playing together the entire four years.

On field performance: Doing well while you have visitors is also a key factor. If you have a wideout in for a visit and you have a good passing day and the receivers do well, the visiting receiver will be impressed (as a result, you’ll receive bonus points).

Note: You can go back and see the details behind the Visit Score.

More Realistic Interests
The NCAA development is utilizing a new simulation mechanic has allowed them to create more realistic prospect interests. For example, a Punter will probably not be interested in your team’s Playing Style, but a Scrambling Quarterback would.  Also, a one star recruit might not focus on pitches as much as higher caliber recruits.  Their focus could be more on getting on the field. So, being able to assign prospect interests based on caliber, position, and tendency will result in more realistic interests.  The new simulation mechanic has allowed the team to fine tune player pitches.

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