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One cool thing to note: The points you assigned each recruit on your Recruiting Board the previous week is automatically ported over to the current week. This serves several functions, (a) it serves as a reminder you what points you assigned a recruit the previous week, and (b) it’s also a great time saver if you intend to use the same or similar points in the current week.  No worries though, you can still reallocate points as needed.

Also of note: You set the points for every recruit on your board, then the week is submitted, and you see the results the next week.

Dynasty Presentation
Dynasty Mode Menus and sub menus have received the same presentation upgrades as the other game modes. The user-friendly panel design, many have said resembles Windows 8, works well as the new user interface.

Deal Breakers
This year, a number of recruits have what are called Deal Breakers. If your team does not have a high enough pitch grade for a particular pitch the recruit feels is a ‘deal breaker’, you will not be able to add the recruit to your board. One way you can address the recruit’s concern is to improve your associated team pitch grade (yes, dynamic pitches have returned). There was some discussion of what would happen if, during the season, one of your team pitches fell below the deal breaker threshold of a recruit on your board. Instead of removing the player automatically from your board, the decision was made to allow the recruit to remain on your recruiting board but to not give you any bonus points for that pitch.  I would hate to have that happen, so I’m fine with that decision. There is also a Coach Skill that can override deal breakers.

Locked School
In previous versions, recruits would indicate their top teams during the season. The number would decrease during the season, giving you an idea of where your team stood.  This mechanic has been overhauled this year with the addition of Locked Schools. Think of this feature as an invisible line between schools who are still in contention and those who are not.  At some point during the season, each recruit will establish a projected lock cut off, giving you an idea of where you stand. Schools that are within a designated number of points within the prospects commit value will appear above the line.  Schools that are not close will appear below the lock line.

This year, the recruit will not sign until there is a clear winner among the schools above the lock. If one team is unable to establish a significant lead, recruiting will flow into the off-season.  In some cases, this will create high intense drama during the entire season.

Projected Lock Line (see red dotted line above).

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 1.37.36 PM
Lock down in full effect (in this screen, three teams above the red cut off line have made the cut, which means they can continue competing for this recruit).

Note: There is not a set number of teams that can be above the lock. The number can vary.

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