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There are a number of really cool improvements to NCAA Football 14 this year, without a doubt, but this article will focus on the exciting changes added to recruiting — one of my favorite things to do in Dynasty Mode.

If you watched the new NCAA Football 14 Dynasty Mode Trailer, it briefly touched on Power Recruiting.

You really need a 2-hour video to properly cover the depth of changes made this year.  So, let me provide a little more detail.

Recruiting in NCAA Football 14 this year has received a major overhaul.

Recruiting to me is what gives NCAA Football its high level of replay-ability. Nothing better than stealing a 5 Star running back from one of my league members and then using that recruit to pound them into submission! Great times! LOL!

This year, the focus of the development team was on creating a more faster, simpler, deeper, cleaner, experience.  While NCAA Football recruiting has high replay-ability, it was also very time consuming, tedious, and repetitive. This was reflected in the community feedback the team received and they made a conscious effort to address community concerns.  There is always a subtle balance between adding depth to a game mode and not also increasing the time it takes to play through the mode. The development team has done a very good job of streamlining recruiting while still adding even more depth to the already popular mode.

Goodbye Phone Call System

The biggest change to me is that the old Phone Call System has been totally scrapped and replaced with Point Based Recruiting (PBS).  There have been a number of substantive changes the last six years that the Phone Call System has been a feature in the game. Most notable to me were the removal of the Angry Football (Remember Angry Football? I miss that guy! LOL) and more recently, random recruit pitches.  The Phone Call system was the bane of my Dynasty existence — it was extremely time consuming and repetitive. Each recruit still has pitches, and the dynamic pitch system is still in place, however, the points you would get through the traditional Phone Call process are automatically awarded as bonuses, saving you precious time each week.  In NCAA Football 14, you will have an allotment of points available each week to use to recruit and scout.  So, one pool of points — two purposes.  I look at the allocated points as fractions of time you have each week, similar to the 10 hours-a-week phone call limit we previously had each week.  During the season, there is a limit to how many points you can allocate or assign to each recruit.  During the off-season, the cap is removed, so, you can throw the kitchen sink at one recruit if you so choose or spread your points out across multiple recruits.

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