I had a great four days at the 2013 E3 Expo in Los Angeles, California.  My biggest impressions, having looked back at the event is that the next generation of video games is going to be the best ever, not only in terms of visual quality, but also physics.  The sum total of extra processing power, more memory, and related technologies has combined in ways we had only hopped.  These technological advancements are leading us to impressive and immerse gaming experiences, far beyond what the current generation was able to provide.

Of note as well, is the fact that as publishers learn how to better exploit the next technology at their disposal,  games will continue to get even better than this first venture into next generation. This is something to look forward to. What is also equally impressive is that the last iteration of current generation games were not ignored, as it was clear to see that the games were even better than the previous year, although many assumed we had reached the limits of what current generation could provide.  That was proven not to be the case.