Microsoft unveiled it’s new Generation 4 console, the XBox One, today, promising a new era of gaming, or, should I say a new era in home entertainment. The XBox One has a plethora (yes, I did say plethora) of new features, including:

Microsoft Windows Integration
a. A specialized version of MS Windows runs simultaneously with the XBox operating system. In total, the XBox One runs on three different operation systems. The third being a hybrid Windows-Xbox operating system that allows for multitasking between the two.

Skype Communications
a. Video on Skype while playing games.
b. Skype with friends, one to one or in groups.
c. You can use Kinect voice commands to utilize Skype (e.g. XBox Skype MadScientist).

Cloud Services
a. A new version of Xbox Live, powered by the cloud, will accompany the release of the XBox One.
b. Game developers can harness the power of the crowd (better physics, more computations, bigger game worlds).

New Kinect Sensor
a. Better precision and motion tracking.
b. The new sensor can track rotation and weight shifting.
c. Global voice commands – the Kinect is always running.

New Game Controller
a. Integrated battery pack.
b. Force feedback in triggers.

Smart Glass
a. Built-in.
b. Up to 16 smart glass devices at the same time.
c. Less latency.

Did I mention that the Xbox One also plays video games?