EA SPORTS unveiled its new sports game engine for Generation 4 consoles during Microsoft’s XBox One Reveal Event held on May 21, 2013.  EA promised the new gaming engine will blur the line between “real and virtual”, so said EA SPORTS’ Andrew Wilson.  While it is quite logical to assume that most sane individuals in the gaming community anticipated some improvement over current generation systems. Anytime you increase processing speed and hard drive space, gains are expected, however, this new engine promises unbelievable, previously only imagined improvements. The official IGNITE Trailer was shown in efforts to demonstrate the prowess of  the new engine (view it below).

EA SPORTS IGNITE Engine Official Trailer

The community reaction to the CGI rendered video (seen above) was mixed.  This was certainly not the ideal way to make believers out of skeptics with lasting memories of the Madden NFL 2006 CGI trailer dancing around in their heads (I’ll dive deeper into that topic in another article). I digress.

The new IGNITE Engine boasts an amazing set of game enhancements, including:

The Intelligence system of EA SPORTS IGNITE delivers four times greater decision-making capabilities, allowing the players to react instinctively like real-world athletes. Players can now anticipate, avoid or brace for physical challenges and collisions.

Step-based Locomotion
Ten times greater animation fidelity drives the engine’s locomotion system. Foot planting, pivoting and side-stepping are influenced by a player’s momentum in real-time. Players accelerate, evade and shift momentum with the agility and explosiveness of real-world athletes.

True Player Motion
True Player Motion delivers revolutionary biomechanical physics, authentically recreating the dynamic movement and physicality of actual athletes.

EA SPORTS IGNITE delivers dynamic movements and biomechanics. The body’s individual components have unique mass, resulting in the authentic reproduction of a player’s body weight, center of gravity and momentum.

EA SPORTS IGNITE separates the player’s uniform from the body. In addition to increased visual detail, jerseys now stretch and billow depending upon movement. Tugging shirts generates force, which factors into EA SPORTS IGNITE’s physics, potentially destabilizing the player.

Living Sidelines
Sidelines are now comprised of individually modeled 3D characters, each with dynamic reactions and behavior. In-game environments are as ever-changing as real-world stadiums and arenas that evolve throughout a match.

Crowd Reaction
Playing home or away never felt so real. EA SPORTS IGNITE eliminates scripted crowd animations, with individual intelligence and context of the game allowing the stadium and sidelines to react to every scenario organically. As in the real-world, the emotions of crowds – such as elation, frustration and anxiety – swings as the match plays out.

Human Intelligence
Your opponents are alive. Instincts. Awareness. Unpredictability. For the first time, all players on the field, pitch or court are alive from the neck up with Human Intelligence.

Contextual Awareness
The EA SPORTS IGNITE engine provides contextual awareness and a greater sphere of vision for every player on the field. Players are alive and able to think, anticipate and react to the position of their teammates, the opposition and the scenario unfolding in the game.

Living Worlds
Ever-changing, electrifying atmospheres
Living Worlds usher in an all-new level of immersion and authenticity. Crowds and sidelines are as ever-changing as real-world stadiums.

Source: easports.com

Wilson went on to mention that Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, NBA Live 14, and UFC will appear on the XBox One console within the year. Does this mean all four will be available at Launch? Only time will tell. I’m almost certain that EA would like to ship as many next generation games as possible for the Launch of XBox One and the Playstation 4 — you can not launch a new console without games and no games could mean millions of lost revenue.

If EA SPORTS can deliver 25 percent of these gaming enhancements, then Next Generation will be TRULY AMAZING!  Is this real life you might ask? The answer is coming — and soon — E3 is less than three weeks away!